Greater than Heroin is a group of civic and faith leaders from Northeast Ohio committed to addressing the heroin epidemic through understanding, collaboration and awareness.

  • Understanding through care, compassion, and support.
  • Collaboration through community, engagement and coalition building.
  • Awareness through community education and resources.

Their site includes:

  • Facts
  • Advocacy
  • Hope
  • Treatment
  • Resources
  • Events
  • Tools
  • Videos

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Tyler’s Light is a special partner of Robby’s Voice as our sons got to know each other in rehab. Tyler lost his battle shortly before Robby. Their mission is to equip our communities and our nation with information and resources to help people choose a drug-free life, while providing resources for family members and/or friends who are involved in the battle against addiction.

The Tyler’s Light website is packed with excellent resources and we invite you to visit their YouTube channel for abundant video resources.


One of the key elements of recovery, both for the addict and the family, is education. The more the family knows and understands, the better they will be able to support recovery without rescuing and enabling. The sooner the addict is able to face the consequences of their addiction and put the pieces back together, the better their chance at a sustained recovery. These books provide that foundation.

“BAFFLED BY ADDICTION” written by Ed Hughes

The purpose of this book is to impress on friends and family members that their addicted loved one cannot begin to get better until he experiences the consequences of his addiction, and that he will not obtain the personal motivation to seek help until the family ceases rescuing. While many treatment and recovery agendas are available, the strategies embraced here are based on what has worked best for a large number of people over a significant period of time. Co-author Ed Hughes, MPS, LICDC, is executive director of an established drug and alcohol addiction treatment center.

One of the best books we have encountered in terms of presenting everything the family needs to understand to support recovery. It demystifies the disease, defines enabling, and allows the family to define their role in the recovery process.

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“WHY DON’T THEY JUST QUIT?” written by Joe Herzanek, Tracey Lawrence & David Hicks

Real-life solutions to help you now! Watching a loved one immersed in an intense battle with alcohol and drug abuse may be the most difficult, complex and harrowing experience you’ll ever have. This book offers a message of hope to families and friends, giving practical solutions so they can help anyone struggling with addiction to begin the road to recovery.

You will learn: Why a person doesn’t have to hit rock-bottom before getting help. (page 111)
When helping is actually hurting. (page 57)
Why quitting is not the same as recovering. (page 5)
How to deal with a relapse. (page 187)
How to receive 50 percent or more off the cost of treatment. (page 97)
Why a parent would leave their child due to their addiction. (page 245)
Why effective intervention doesn’t have to be a surprise attack. (page 49)

Answers to over 30 common, and not so common questions.
Inspiring first-hand recovery stories from real people!

We actually consulted with Joe during Robby’s battle. His perspective and advice was direct and comprehensive, based on his experience and commitment to beating this disease. It also answers many of the questions we as families have surrounding this disease and what we need to do to have the best chance at success.

Available on Amazon

“DIG IT; LIFE WILL BEAT YOU IF YOU LET IT” written by Robert Brandt

DIG IT is about getting what you want in life; it is a blue print for making it happen, wrapped in the story of a small town high school volleyball teams quest to win a state championship.

Thought provoking and to the point, DIG IT outlines the key steps for making your dreams a reality, assisting you in defining not just HOW, but WHY, and getting you back on track.

Reading DIG IT will stir the passion in your heart, re-kindle the power of your dreams, and the Self Reflection Journal within the book provides you the opportunity to detail your thoughts and feelings while putting your plan in writing.

DIG IT is a great read for young and old, but most important, DIG IT is a story waiting to be written, it is the story of you…

DIG IT will assist recovering addicts to re-establish a path to their dreams, and help get them back on track toward a productive, sober life.

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Cover2 Resources is a partner of Robby’s Voice and exists to help opioid users and their loved ones find help. Founder Greg McNeil lost his son, Sam, to a heroin overdose in October 2015.  Addiction tends to place people in silos. Both users and their families may feel isolated and helpless, separated from society in many respects. Cover2 produces highly insightful, poignant and informative podcasts. We invite you to listen to those that speak to you.

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