As Nolan and I rode in the Ride for Recovery this past weekend, it gave me an opportunity to think long about recovery. First things first. It was great to see such a big turnout  – amazing things happen when communities come together. We have preached for years that it has to start in our own homes and communities and we witnessed this movement firsthand.

I think about the mix of people Nolan and I rode with:

  • My sister Shannon and her guy; only knew recovery for a short time.
  • A dear friend from Family Matters whose daughter passed last year. She rode with her former husband and whom I know would trade the world for recovery.
  • A new friend from Family Matters whose son is in recovery and starting to thrive.
  • And a crazy story of the last couple – an old friend of Robby’s who is married to a young lady in recovery and whose mom is a staple at Family Matters. I never knew they were married. Small world.

When we returned from the ride, the first four families I came across were families that I know well. All of these families had children taken by this epidemic.  Yet there they were supporting this event, courageously walking among those who were celebrating recovery.

Think about that for a minute. These people were walking through a crowd having a great time, being supportive, yet your head is always stuck on the fact that your child is not there.  It is inspirational to know that they care enough about the cause to continue to support the cause. So that got me thinking about inspiration.

Inspiring Us to Do More

How do we inspire more support for the things that need to be done?  I started thinking about the inspirational speeches in history. The Sermon on the Mount, Gettysburg address, I have a dream…all words that inspired action.  My mind, however, settled on another historic speech given by Winston Churchill during World War II.

The British were being bombarded by the German blitzkrieg. London was on the verge of destruction with everything hanging in the balance.  And there was Churchill, his voice booming through the radio with the words

NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER QUIT.  The English did not and the rest is as they say – history.

We are facing our own battle, one not of bombs dropped from planes but one no less intense, no less destructive, no less devastating than that German blitzkrieg.  The battle is hard, sometimes paralyzing.  This fight is being brought to us when we least expect it.  Where do we find the inspiration to not only continue to fight but to take the offensive?    You really want to know what I think about…

Churchill never quit.  Some say those words inspired the English to withstand the onslaught they faced. Well, maybe.  I don’t know if words truly inspire or just build a mindset but I do know inspiration is always found in people.

I think about the English people who showed us incredible resolve and determination despite what many saw as insurmountable odds.  I looked around at the amount of people and bikes at this event and was inspired by the size of the crowd.

I think about those battling for recovery and the courage they show every day as they face this evil. That inspires me! I think about those that are in recovery today knowing that they have overcome probably the most difficult challenge they will ever face in their lifetime. This inspires me!

It isn’t easy. If it was, we would have more people in recovery and less who have fallen in the fight.  It is down-right hard to get up every day, see the numbers, here the talk about record numbers of overdose deaths.  It is hard not to wonder what we need to do, not to give up and give in.  BUT WE HAVE A CHOICE – we either “quit,” or we find the inspiration to continue.  So I pose this question.

Is it worth it? Is recovery worth it?

We believe that if we impact one life, spare one family the road we walk, then it is worth it. What do you think, is it worth it? But recovery is a thing, and this is bigger – it is about the people.

Question 2: Are they worth it?

Let me type it louder.  ARE THEY WORTH IT?  If you even hesitate for a moment, if you want to allow that stigma to creep into your mind, let me tell you a story about this guy that came to earth. God made man who said I didn’t come here to heal the healthy. This guy didn’t only talk about it, he gave his life for it because he believed each and every one of us are worth it; that is good enough for me…anyone really want to argue the point?

Addiction is no longer the epidemic. Fentanyl has changed that game to include all the fun justifications: experimentation, trying, just one time…The world is different and none of us are immune.  So, if you are looking for inspiration to get involved, to do something, just take a step back, look at your kids or your grand kids, your nephews and your nieces, and ask yourself – am I inspired to make a difference?

You may think you are just one person, and that is true which is great because it takes a lot of just one persons to fight this fight.  So come on, join us; support the cause of recovery.  And while you are thinking about it, just know there are a bunch of great people fighting every day with resolve and determination who will NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER Quit.

Now that is inspiring!

Rob Brandt

Photos: Hope Recovery Community Facebook Page