What does Overdose Awareness Day mean?

On the surface, the answer is pretty obvious, right? If this was the case, it would really be overdose awareness year or maybe even decade. But that would be too obvious, and I’ll just save the sarcasm for another day.  And I won’t take the easy route and say be aware. I wish we would have been more aware. Anyone who knows us, and our story, knows this to be true.

I was asked today if we, Robby’s Voice, were doing anything special for Overdose Awareness Day.  Simply put, no. We really do approach each day as an overdose awareness day because overdose doesn’t just happen in August. In fact, 275 people overdose and die every day and thousands more overdose daily but survive.  It isn’t about the day, and at this level, sirens should be blaring every day but they are not.

What Does Overdose Awareness Day Mean

I am sure every one of us has a little different spin on it, but since it is our blog, we get to share!

  • It means we step back for a moment and remember the sons and daughters, moms and dads, brothers and sisters that have lost their life to this epidemic.
  • It means we step back and think and pray about the families left to grieve loved ones and piece back together lives that have been tortured, and the kids that have witnessed the shattering of innocence.
  • It means we think about the families currently grasping for anything as they live in turmoil, wrestling with an evil that redefines ruthless.
  • It means we take a breath and think about those who are currently dealing with a personal addiction, and the battle with the devil they are fighting every moment of every day.
  • It means we step back and ask a simple question – what else can we do to make a difference?

And to every family and every addict, you are not alone. Your worth is more than you know and there are those of us who believe in you and are here for you.

This is what Overdose Awareness Day means to us.