It is fascinating to take a trip inside the mind of the addict.  So many expect to find these whacked out crazy people that continually make bad choices.  Not generally the case when you really get to know the addict.  Underneath the scarred surface are fighters! People that understand the addiction, the battle and the impact know what a battle it is. Imagine fighting the battle they fight every single day? How do they do it? How would we hold up?

Below is a letter to addiction (often used as a tool in treatment).  This letter is from a young lady that fought for years and whose mom has been a big part of Family Matters.  Are you able to hear the pain, to hear the fight, to hear the understanding?  Alycia went home to be with God this summer, but the letter below was foreshadowing. Her light will never dim. She touched so many people.  The love that exists in her family will never be diminished. It is far too powerful.  Who won?  Did addiction win because it took he life or did she win because she had love, gave love and left a light that shines for all eternity?

Just thought we would share (with permission).


“You’ve kept me stuck, trapped & bound to you.  Never to experience life or to see different places.  I’ve missed years…decades for you?  Punishing me for serving your evilness.  Praying, begging for just one second of relief from excruciating torture that seems to never end.  You won’t even kill me when I pray not to wake up.  You’ve made my family hurt and made them cry.  You’ve made them slaves to my pain – and you gain strength from breaking my heart.  You have me figured out, you are very clever, and you come in many forms…but I’ve read this book before…so I know who you are…and in wisdom there is strength.

…and I know something that is more powerful than you. Something that can make you tremble and bow down.  It’s Someone YOU have to take orders from.  You hate my LIGHT and you have done everything in your power to dim it, turn it off, swallow it…

But I am made of energy, and my love is more powerful than any of your bag of tricks.  You see – these things will never be broken or go away – only transferred.  And that means the harder I pray and love and spread love – the weaker you get.  (I) can’t stop what GOD has planned for me.  You’ve tried and you’ve failed.  You can’t stop MY love or my families love…you CANNOT take my light.  It is in Jesus’ name I pray…”



June 2021