Wednesday Wisdom: Go Cart Racing and Life

When I was a kid, we would go go-cart racing. We’d always do our best to make the carts go faster but they wouldn’t because there was a governor (other words or restrictor or limiter) on them.  Someone imposed an artificial limitation on it to keep it from hitting its full speed potential.

It makes me think about our own governors. What are they? What are the limits that accept? Who imposes these restrictors on us? Do we accept these limitations as truths?

If these governors, or restrictors, are real, then how do we explain Elon Musk, Thomas Edison, Ben Franklin, the Wright Brothers.  Explain the Para-Olympics or the man that ran a full marathon on two artificial legs or the lady that swam the English Channel with no legs?  Just spend some time at a children’s hospital and watch the indomitable human spirit of these kids as they adapt and overcome.

Witness these things and then ask, “where do my restrictions come from or better yet, who imposed the upon me?”

Wait, even better question; why do I listen to them?

I guess we have a choice…