Drug overdose deaths soared to a record 93,000 last year

The Washington Post

Please read, get educated, warn family and friends, notice the warning signs, take action, get help and pray.


And please take a look at Robby’s Voice Family Matters group. For more information, follow Robby’s Voice on Facebook where we post both the topic and zoom link for each meeting, give us a call, or just join our next Monday night meeting. No reservation required. Monday nights 6-8pm via Zoom or at the Montville Police Department.

ROBBY’S VOICE family support group, Family Matters, provides families a safe environment to gather, share, support and grow as we travel the path of addiction.  Family Matters bring a diverse group of subjects related to addiction forward through a variety of experienced speakers who understand addiction and care about the families impacted by it.

  • Reduce the weight of stigma and the uncertainty of addiction
  • Develop your recovery plan and build your boundaries
  • Build a relapse protocol
  • Protect your family and take your life back

Family Matters provides an hour of education and an hour of support with each meeting.  Follow us on Facebook to learn about our subject matter for the week, and join us for one session or both; it is the first step of recovery for the family and the addict.