I was sitting in a business meeting and the following video was shown. It’s quick. I invite you to watch it now.

Time to Fly

I immediately had one of those WOW moments.  I loved the message, and even though this is a product endorsement, it is clearly much deeper than that.

So, for all of those struggling with this epidemic, watch the message, take it to heart, and BELIEVE.

You can fly.

No matter what those around you say about you (stigma).

No matter the odds facing you.

You can fly!

It starts with a choice – YOUR CHOICE.  It must be followed by action – doing all the right things, over and over again.  Is it easy? No. Will you fall?  Possibly.  Will others laugh at you, mock you, try to pull you back down to their level? Yes. But if you believe, if you are willing to endure, if you are not willing to accept no as an answer, you will fly and when you do, others will follow.

We believe in you, most certainly we do. God Bless.