The need to reach more and more parents, students and children with our message to live a substance-free life has reached a critical point. The demands on our organization are growing and although we feel both excited and humbled, we know we can’t do this alone.

A channel for your passion and purpose

Do you have experience with event management, particularly with not-for-profit organizations? Can you collaborate and generate new ideas while also bringing volunteers together to develop and execute on-the-ground? And more importantly, do you have a passion for supporting this cause and see lives changed for the better? If you do, and could commit your valuable time and expertise to our cause, we’d like to talk to you and explore both our organization’s needs and your skills and ideas.

Please email our Board Secretary and 5k Race Director, Angela Fanara at amarysiak@hotmail.com for an initial conversation.  We would be so grateful for your service and know you will feel a great deal of satisfaction helping with the Robby’s Voice mission.