The key thing that separates us from animals is the ability to think and process information in making decisions. We may want to exercise that ability before we vote this November.  While we have posted previously about this issue (receiving hate mail for it!), this series of blogs is strictly the foundation for why we oppose the legalization of marijuana.

Let’s start with a basic question:  Do we really know the answers?

There has been a lot of debate on the issue. One side says non-addictive and safe, the other side says addictive and a gateway drug. Confused? That’s understandable although most people I encounter have deep seeded beliefs already engrained.

3 things I know about marijuana

I certainly want to know the truth as it is our obligation to provide the truth as we understand it. Here is what I know:

  1. I know that the potency of marijuana has risen dramatically over the years especially in the past few years. In the early 1970’s, the THC levels in marijuana were about 3%. Today, they average 15% to 20% with some engineered strains reaching up to 50% THC.
  2. Common sense tells me that we cannot increase the potency of anything by that degree, and not fundamentally change the effects of it. More horsepower equals more speed and THC is the horsepower in marijuana.
  3. I know that the rapid increase in potency has dramatically limited the amount of valid medical research on the impacts. Without that type of information, I am personally not able to make an informed decision on an issue as important as this


Making any decision, let alone one of this magnitude, without the proper information is dangerous, and irresponsible. Making this decision with limited information will put an increased number of marijuana users on the road. My kids are on the road, I am on the road, and for us, we all ride motorcycles. The increased number of users under the influence alarms me, and it should alarm you. If it doesn’t alarm you intuitively, the facts should. We are seeing increased auto-fatalities tied to THC and other drugs at alarming rates and I want more information relative to that…don’t you?

I also will point to two sources that I am completely stunned to be quoting; Time Magazine and Hillary Clinton. Both have said that we don’t have enough information. Time did a wonderful piece on the issue, outlining both sides in what I perceived to be one of the most balanced articles on the topic I have ever read.

So, what’s the rush? Is it to ensure every cancer or glaucoma or epilepsy patient has access to medical marijuana? Probably not, but it makes for great arguments and heart-tugging television commercials. Yet the truth is, even in states where medical marijuana is legal, use by those with these diseases is very low.

Many moons ago, we had a staple industry headed by Joe Camel and the Marlborough Man: the tobacco industry. Now, with more information at hand, that industry doesn’t look so good does it?

My next two blogs will outline the things I hear as we speak at schools, and the medical science behind marijuana and addiction. Stay tuned!