Last Friday, I met an incredible lady. She is a nurse by trade. We will  call her Linda. As we talked business, she asked me about my bracelet (green RV band). I shared our experience briefly and then she shared hers.

Many years ago, Linda’s high school son was involved in an auto-accident. He was thrown from the car while the person next to him was tragically killed. The following week, her daughter was kidnapped while running (also in high school). As she and the police frantically searched, she was led to a place in the woods very near to where her daughter was being kept, tied to a tree by her assailant. Shortly thereafter, she was seen by the police airplane that was searching the area. When they found her, she was still tied to the tree, stabbed and shot five times and clinging to life.

A couple years later, her son, an all-American kid that was anti-drugs his entire life, developed a drug addiction – a  battle that ensued for years.

During the course of these years, Linda was active in kidnapping legislation and worked with the state on issues surrounding these crimes. She and her fiance worked with young people impacted by addiction while they fought their own personal battle with the disease.

Then, in one year, Linda lost her fiance, her mother, and her sister, and the battle with addiction continued.

This was the second time I met Linda, and after our first meeting, I was struck by her energy and positive attitude. You could just feel it. As I listened to her life experiences, I wondered to myself; HOW? Then, the answer.

Today, Linda’s daughter has fully recovered (physically), and works for a Prosecutor. Her son called one day out of the blue and said he was checking into a rehab. When she asked why, his response was “I am an addict…”

And the HOW? She said it several times, after she described each incident – “I GAVE IT UP TO GOD.”