Strength and courage; I am not sure who needs them more, the addict or the family?

This week is the annual ESPN V-foundation cancer fund raiser. The V-foundation was stated by basketball Coach Jim Valvano, a vivacious, charismatic college coach who passed away from cancer 21 years ago. Coach V gave a very stirring speech at an event just two months prior to his death, when he proclaimed “Don’t give up, don’t ever give up.”

ESPN commentator Stuart Scott received an award at the ESPY’S for his courage in his personal battle against cancer. Scott also spoke about the importance of never giving up, and his personal WHY. He spoke about the difference each of us can make through small gestures and human compassion. He spoke about understanding what is truly important in life.

As I listened to the words of these men this week, I drew great strength as well as inspiration from the resiliency they displayed. Their words touch the heart of those who heard them. These men offer me the faith to know that victory will be ours as long as we continue to fight together.

Their words may be focused on the disease we call cancer, but the message is one that both addicts and families should take to heart. Take a moment and listen to each of these men speak today. Their words may help you take the next step tomorrow. Don’t give up. Don’t ever give up!

Stuart Scott

Jimmy Valvano