ROBBY’S VOICE has gathered a library of video’s to provide first-hand information, delivered by those you need to hear from. These videos are educational, insightful and provide an opportunity for candid family conversations.

HOPE BLOOMS, an organization like ROBBY’S VOICE, born in loss, born from love, born in the fight to save lives. Listen to Melissa, a Mom, share her story.

60minutes60 Minutes coverage of addiction as a disease with insight as to the effect of drugs on the brain as well as other addictive behavior.


60 Minute’s Report


Video produced by the OHIO DEPARTMENT of ALCOHOL and DRUG ADDICTION SERVICES defining the prescription drug epidemic we face today.

Video produced by Tyler’s Light introducing their story and mission.

Learn about Bobby’s struggle with prescription drug abuse and how drugs not only can hurt anyone – but everyone. Video produced by Tyler’s Light.

Learn about Mike’s struggle with drug abuse. First pain killers – then heroin – now he’s speaking up. Video produced by Tyler’s Light.

Learn what you can do to help a friend, loved one, or yourself get the help needed to fight drug abuse. Video produced by Tyler’s Light.

You are not beyond help. Listen to a plea from mothers, fathers, siblings and friends to seek help for your drug abuse. You are not just hurting yourself. Video produced by Tyler’s Light.

Emily discusses the progression of addictions and how loved ones reacted. “It can happen to anyone,” and there are signals and signs that if others notice in time can save a life. Video produced by Tyler’s Light.

Andrea delivers a message of how serious an addiction can become. The desperation cause decisions that lead to a wake up call. Video produced by Tyler’s Light.

Shea shares her story on how prescription drugs became the only way to take away the pain of withdrawal, yet even so, lead into a court room of consequences. Video produced by Tyler’s Light.

Kristin explains how friendships and lives are destroyed by addiction. Video produced by Tyler’s Light.

Courtney brings up the idea of control and how it fuels an addict’s belief that they can handle what they are doing no matter what anyone else says. Video produced by Tyler’s Light.