Because this story must be told…

Our story is personal and painful, but we recognize the importance of sharing it with others. We know our voice must be raised if others are to be helped. We know that for our experience to make a difference, for Robby’s message to be heard, we must lead the way and BREAK THE SILENCE.

Our programs focus on education and awareness at three levels; students, parents and the community. Utilizing a multi-media approach, and collaborating with other organizations, we provide current and relevant information on:

  • signs of drug addiction
  • progression of substance abuse
  • real life experiences
  • local and national resources available for help

Content is age appropriate presented in an engaging, impactful format. Combined with on-line tools, our audiences are provided resources critical to winning the daily war against addiction.




Our student program features a Robby’s Voice speaker and powerful video vignettes to create an interactive experience designed to highlight choice and consequence. Sharing Robby’s story, students are presented a tiered message defining the addiction process, framed in a perspective they will relate to and understand.

Generally 30 to 60 minute sessions, students will learn the warning signs and progressions of drug use, real life impact, and the avenue’s available to them for help. Most important, they will know that they must make a difference and BREAK THE SILENCE; it is the difference between life and death.




Customized to your organization, our parent program focuses on awareness and education. Intertwining Robby’s story, our experience and the experience of others with the facts surrounding drugs in our communities, parents are presented with information they need to know.

Our parents program is delivered by a Robby’s Voice speaker and may also include videos, testimonials from other parents and addicts, speakers from enforcement and support agencies and a Q&A session. We work together to understand your goal, developing and delivering a program which gets your parents more engaged with awareness, prevention and action.



The most comprehensive drug education seminar available today, Operation Street Smart (OSS) raises visibility to what is happening “on the streets.”

Delivered by the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department, this nationally renowned program provides an in depth look at drugs, warning signs, paraphernalia, access, and teen behavior straight from the real life experience of law enforcement agents who live this battle every day.

In short, OSS is an up close look at the forces and influences facing our kids, and a must for every parent and teacher.


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Thank you for helping us  “BREAK THE SILENCE.”