Robby’s Voice will become the model for which other community based organizations will mirror, as we join together in an effort to make a difference in the battle against addiction.  ROBBY’S VOICE WILL BREAK THE SILENCE.


Our mission is to save lives by raising awareness about drug addiction. We arm parents, students and communities with the information to identify the warning signs of substance abuse and get access to the resources needed to LIVE a drug free life.


Through our personal experience, Robby’s Voice will confront the sensitive issues surrounding the growing epidemic of drug addiction, and the devastation it wreaks upon those it takes hold of.

WE UNDERSTAND that drug addiction doesn’t just affect the addict but the entire family.

Confronting the reality of addiction is painful and confusing.

What do you do if you suspect something?

Where do you turn if the nightmare comes true?

How do you deal with the fear, anger, guilt and shame?

We were forced to face these facts and were not prepared to address the challenge which addiction presents. It was only through extensive research and investigation that we learned what to do and where to turn, and even at that, there were times when we felt woefully lost and alone, and exhausted; still searching for answers and support.

We have lived the pain of drug addiction and are committed to serving others in an effort to help them on their road to freedom from this silent, yet devastating disease.