“It’s Not Your Kid Until It Is.”

Nick Glunt of the Akron Beacon Journal covered a presentation that Robby’s Voice held in Wadsworth to help educated parents in regards to facing Heroin Addition with their children.  Please see the full article by clicking the link below.

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Heroin Hits Home: What We’ve Learned

Three years ago, Ohio had a new law that had helped close most of its so-called “pill mills” – pain clinics where doctors basically prescribed large doses of opiates just because patients wanted them – and many people may have assumed the state’s heroin problem would soon subside. Read more or view the video.

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Robby’s Voice speaks up about substance abuse

Elaine Surber wants to break the silence surrounding substance abuse. Surber is associate director of Catalyst Life Services and director of New Beginnings Alcohol and Drug Treatment Services. She hopes for a large turnout for Robby’s Voice, taking place at 7 p.m. Thursday in the Ontario Middle School auditorium.

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The Heroin Epidemic: Suburban users migrate from prescription pain pills

After his son Robby overdosed from heroin Rob Brandt, his wife Carla and Robby’s brother and sister, among others, formed Robby’s Voice, a community-based organization that helps battle drug and alcohol use.

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Personal loss inspires the passion to form non-profit organization

A year ago, Rob Brandt co-founded Robby’s Voice, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing drug addiction education and resources.

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Northeast Ohio’s Heroin Epidemic

A special report from WKYC

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The Heroin Epidemic: Stories of addiction (video)

The Heroin Epidemic: Rob Brandt shares his story

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WKYC News Interview with Rob Brandt

WKYC Channel 3 Sunday News featured interview by Kim Wheeler with Rob Brandt, President, ROBBY’S VOICE

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Carla Closes County Announcement with a Message

WKYC Channel 3 coverage continues as Cuyahoga County announces heroin task force and Carla delivers a message that all our earns need to hear.

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Robby’s Voice on 90.3 WCPM IdeaStream

Watch the video or download the MP3 of Rob’s appearance on “Idea Stream Radio” with Judge David Matia and Officer Tony Harper

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News Channel 3 Story on Heroin with Robby Brandt

Heroin Epidemic Hits Cleveland Suburbs

Read more and view the investigative report from Channel 3 News:http://www.wkyc.com/news/story.aspx?storyid=254292


News Channel 5 Story on Robby Brandt

Olmsted Falls couple vows to educate other parents after son dies from heroin  overdose

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