Tackle Teen Drug Use

Cuyahoga Falls taking major steps to arm parents with tools to spot, tackle teen drug use through the Hidden In Plain Sight program of the Bath and Copley Police Departments.

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Working to Prevent Prescription Drug Abuse

The 11th HOUR with Jim McIntyre; Rob Brandt with Orman Hall, the Director of the Governor’s Cabinet Opiate Action team, Steve Cline of the Partnership at Drugfree.org



Students rally to promote being drug and alcohol free

More than one hundred young people marched through the streets of Cleveland today, chanting and shouting that they plan to stay drug and alcohol free. Jaclyn and Nolan Brandt, the sister and brother of Robby Brandt, for whom Robby’s Voice was named, also spoke at the event.



Olmsted Falls father educates students and parents after son dies from heroin overdose

Brandt said he has spoken to at least 20,000 people at schools, rehabs and community organizations. “When we went through this, we were lost in the journey. The resources weren’t there. Leading up to our experience, the word wasn’t out. . . You’re in this whirlwind and you’re trying to figure out everything as you’re going through it and we just decided that we didn’t want other families to be lost in the journey the way were,” he said.



Heroin Hits Home: Robby’s Story

When you see him smile back at you from the family photos, it’s hard to believe that Robby Brandt is gone. Dead of a heroin overdose at the age of 20. “We were close; we were very close,” said Rob Brandt, Robby’s father. Robby’s tragic journey toward addiction and death is an all too familiar one.



Heroin Hits Home: What We’ve Learned

Three years ago, Ohio had a new law that had helped close most of its so-called “pill mills” – pain clinics where doctors basically prescribed large doses of opiates just because patients wanted them – and many people may have assumed the state’s heroin problem would soon subside.



The Heroin Epidemic: Suburban users migrate from prescription pain pills

After his son Robby overdosed from heroin Rob Brandt, his wife Carla and Robby’s brother and sister, among others, formed Robby’s Voice, a community-based organization that helps battle drug and alcohol use.



Personal loss inspires the passion to form non-profit organization

A year ago, Rob Brandt co-founded Robby’s Voice, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing drug addiction education and resources.


Northeast Ohio’s Heroin Epidemic

A special report from WKYC



The Heroin Epidemic: Stories of addiction (video)

The Heroin Epidemic: Rob Brandt shares his story



WKYC News Interview with Rob Brandt

WKYC Channel 3 Sunday News featured interview by Kim Wheeler with Rob Brandt, President, ROBBY’S VOICE



Carla Closes County Announcement with a Message

WKYC Channel 3 coverage continues as Cuyahoga County announces heroin task force and Carla delivers a message that all our earns need to hear.



Robby’s Voice on 90.3 WCPM IdeaStream

Watch the video or download the MP3 of Rob’s appearance on “Idea Stream Radio” with Judge David Matia and Officer Tony Harper



News Channel 3 Story on Heroin with Robby Brandt

Heroin Epidemic Hits Cleveland Suburbs

Read more and view the investigative report from Channel 3 News:http://www.wkyc.com/news/story.aspx?storyid=254292


News Channel 5 Story on Robby Brandt

Olmsted Falls couple vows to educate other parents after son dies from heroin  overdose

Read more: http://www.newsnet5.com/dpp/news/local_news/oh_cuyahoga/Olmsted-Falls-couple-vows-to-educate-other-parents-after-son-dies-from-heroin-overdose#ixzz227Ci3PGU