MAP Recovery Scholarship Program

Recovery is a difficult process, and from the time an addict leaves detox or rehab, the risk of relapse is high. We also know that the first year is critical as the brain works to normalize itself. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT TIME.

MAP brings an additional support tool to assists patients and families in the recovery process. MAP focuses on detection and signals of early relapse, or the potential for relapse, alerting the family support system to the pending risk so action can be taken and relapse averted.


MAP is a fee-based program and Robby’s Voice offers scholarships to serious candidates. We encourage you to apply using the link below, but regardless of whether or not you are awarded, we hope you consider the MAP program. The program is available to all those struggling with substance abuse. Just a simple phone call will help you understand the criteria and full program details.

MAP is committed to working with families and insurance companies regarding payments as their focus is on helping those in need of recovery.

Contact MAP at the link below for a confidential conversation on how they can help aid in recovery.


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MAP Scholarships

MAP Recovery Support (a division of MAP Health Management) is partnering with Robby’s Voice to offer scholarships to the MAP Program for one man and one woman each month. Please review the criteria to qualify for scholarship consideration. To apply, please click the link below and complete the application.

For more information on the MAP Program, please watch the video below or visit their web site.

Scholarship Qualifications

In order to be considered for the scholarship, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Have a desire to be on MAP and have their behaviors, conduct and recovery-related activities actively monitored and to be held accountable to a plan designed to promote continued abstinence from substance abuse
  • Express motivation and a willingness to pursue a sober life
  • Be willing to provide MAP with legal consent to speak with family members and other loved ones
  • Have already been detoxed
  • Be 18 years of age or older, or age 13-17, with written permission of parents or legal guardian




More About the MAP Program

The MAP Program is a recovery support program for addict/alcoholics in early recovery and their families. Our goal is to help the addict and their family learn to actively apply the tools of recovery so they can begin to build a strong foundation for a new, sober life. We do this through frequent phone contacts with both the addict/ alcoholic and their family members. We offer support and guidance, and we work to detect early relapse behaviors so that we can help the addict/alcoholic address these behaviors before drugs and alcohol re-enter the picture. Our 12 month program allows both the addict/ alcoholic and their family members to develop a relationship with their MAP Specialist, who is 3 plus years into their own sobriety and active in a program of recovery. This relationship is an invaluable resource in navigating all of the changes and challenges that always occur in early sobriety.

MAP Program Objectives:

  • Detect and course correct hallmark relapse and enabling behaviors
  • Reinforce a healthy program of recovery composed of meeting attendance, step work, having a sponsor, service work, etc.
  • Encourage and reinforce rigorous honesty, integrity and other vital recovery behaviors
  • Transition clients into a balanced life of sustainable, long-term sobriety
  • Effectively remove unhealthy policing and enabling from the family system



To learn more about MAP, please download the MAP brochure, or visit the MAP web site.

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