As special debt of gratitude to Wayne and Christi Campbell of Tyler’s Light. Their tireless efforts and commitment to the families and youth of Ohio is blazing a trail for organizations like Robby’s Voice to follow. Dedicated and unselfish, they and their team are true heroes.
"Offering hope for all" who are struggling with the loss of a loved one, Cornerstone of Hope provides the counseling and support needed to cope and move forward.
Recovery Resources is a leader in the field of addiction and mental health recovery. For families looking for a starting point, Recovery Resources provides the direction needed to get on the right path. Serving Cuyahoga County, Recovery Resources offers comprehensive services to start the recovery process.
This is a website dedicated to Cole Ryan Smoot. This website has a lot to offer and proves that "good kids" die from drug overdoses as well. This site offers numerous resources and proves that it's not always the "bad kids" that get wrapped up in drugs. It could very well be your child. Check out this site and educate yourself about this issue!
Another wonderful site dedicated to combating the scourge of drug use and abuse. Founded after the tragic loss of 21 year old Hannah Rachel O'Harra-Brown. Check them out on Facebook as well at

The Arms of an Angel Foundation is a non profit drug outreach program created in February of 2009 after the accidental heroin overdose of Carl Culbertson. The site focuses on giving young people the inner strength to fight negative peer pressure. Please visit the site and see what they have to offer!

A great resource presented by Chief Kyle Fittro, from a law enforcement perspective. Features a must see video taking a raw look at what the current drug trends and usage methods are and numerous other pieces of information.
Operation Street Smart provides the most comprehensive drug awareness program in the nation to our communities as they share the most current trends in the battle against drugs and those who deal them.
The Ohio Attorney General’s Office is on the front line, fighting to protect pour communities and providing tools to create awareness and education for our parents and students.
ASSIST Avon Lake seeks to unite established groups to address this regional crisis and as a chapter of Robby's Voice, carries the message forward.
The Board of Health team is focused on creating awareness and ensuring the resources to fight addiction.
Origins Recovery Centers provides integrated inpatient treatment for substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. At Origins, clients receive expert medical, clinical and spiritual care individually designed for their needs. Our Clients leave Origins with the foundation upon which they will build the rest of their lives. Partnered with MAP, Origins will assist in looking for a facility if they are not a good fit.