Facts About Pot

SS_Marijuana_products_paper“POT” THE FACTS

Is it no big deal?

The active ingredient in pot (THC) in 1973 was 1%. Today, it is 10% to 40% with some new strands reaching 50%. That makes it up to 50 times more potent today.



According to the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency), 8 of 10 kids that smoke pot will use a stronger drug.

“Pot is the gateway to addiction!”

64% of addicts start with “just a little pot.”

The average age of the first drug encounter in Cuyahoga County is 12 years old.

Marijuana has more cancer causing chemicals than cigarettes.


According to Operation Street Smart, pot is the number one drug Law Enforcement would remove from the streets. Why?; because it is the “doorway to addiction.”

Pot is illegal. Kids caught with pot jeopardize their opportunities to earn scholarships, participate in extra-curricular activities, aside from potential incarceration.

It is no big deal…


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Interesting information outlining the FACTS surrounding the usage of marijuana.

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