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robbysvoiceWelcome to “Breaking the Silence,” Robby’s Voice’s new blog designed to streamline communications with our local and online communities. Many of you know Robby’s story. It was his vision to create a program, a website, to help free people from the bonds of addiction and live healthy, drug free lives. We feel that this new vehicle will help us accomplish his vision in a much more impactful way. We feel that providing information to you real time is critical. Key information that won’t get lost in a sea of PDFs or news stream posts. Through this vehicle, we will have the ability to share, interact, gain feedback, opinions, comments and suggestions without losing the important information you may want to reference days, weeks or months later.

What will you find on our blog?

  • Articles on strategies and tools to help you and your family stay drug free
  • Important information for parents and educators
  • Local community resources
  • Updates on events and RV speaking engagements
  • Guest posts by individuals involved with law enforcement, government or local organizations
  • Resources to help with rehab and recovery

We invite you to subscribe to today so that you won’t miss a post. We invite your comments or suggestions but please note that we will monitor all contributions and will not post any that are inappropriate or not helpful to our community.

The war is on and we are going to win it….with your help!


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Robby’s Story

Robby’s Story

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Robby was an honest, enthusiastic, adventurous young man. He had an infectious laugh and the most mesmerizing blue eyes. Robby truly was a miracle of life that simply caught the disease of drug addiction. Robby was addicted to heroin. His struggles began with prescription pain pills but quickly led to heroin as it’s cheaper and easier to access. His struggles ended sadly with a drug overdose on October 21, 2011.

Our lives have been forever changed. We have endured a pain that no one, especially a parent should have to endure. Robby lost his battle with drug addiction but left us with a mission to be his voice. ROBBY’S VOICE is our way not only to honor his beautiful life but to reach out to those that live with an addiction every day.

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