ROBBY’S VOICE is a community based organization focused on promoting awareness and education surrounding drug addiction.

The organization was borne from the loss of a son and brother, and the need to make sure that other families never have to endure the pain of that loss.

We have experienced that loss, and live everyday wondering, in hindsight, what we could have done differently. As we experience this journey, we realize how much we did not know, how much we did not see. Not because we were not aware or engaged, but because the game has changed and we had just not caught up.

The epidemic is growing, and unless we, as a community, increase our efforts to create awareness, more young people will perish, and more families will have to live with that pain.

Robby had a dream; he wanted to speak to students, to help them choose to “live clean.” He did not have a chance to see his dream come true, but we will make sure it does. We Are Robby’s Voice.

What We Do?

ROBBY’S VOICE will work diligently to ensure that parents and students have a resource available to stay informed, and most important, to BREAK THE SILENCE.

We will promote learning and awareness of drug addiction by offering in-person programs, sharing our story and our experience.  Robby’s Voice will provide relevant information while serving as a portal to “BREAK THE SILENCE.”  Our newsletter will continually deliver updates that raises the awareness of substance abuse and help those currently affected by addiction.

It is our mission to ensure that you always have a place to turn to for guidance, information and support.

What Can You Do?

Simply put, the key to winning the war against addiction lies within the efforts of the community. Law enforcement cannot arrest their way to victory, we must take our communities back through education, awareness and prevention. We are the most powerful weapon in this fight.

We invite you to join our Team and get involved. Statistics tell us that you will probably be affected by addiction in your lifetime. We can change that and you can be a part.



About Our Name & Logo


Robby’s Voice was created to bring to life the vision of Robby Brandt. When going through his belongings, Carla, Robby’s mom, found a notebook with his plan to help himself and others battle the disease of addiction. He had purchased a web address called “live free” and wrote a detailed plan as to how he would bring his message to the forefront. Robby saw himself speaking to schools sharing with students the pain and danger of drug addiction in an effort to keep them safe and free from its grip. He also wanted to create a place where recovering addicts could come together and support each which is critical to substance-free living. After reading Robby’s vision, the family knew that they must be Robby’s Voice.

The Robby’s Voice logo was designed by the Macek family, long-time friends of the Brandt’s and is a compilation of many Robby-oriented features

–The font featured in the word Robby matches the font in Robby’s “CARPE DIEM” tattoo. That tattoo was his motto in life, and was a great source of pride   for him when he turned 18 years old.

–The light blue outline surrounding the “V” in Voice and the tail resembles the blue in Robby’s eyes. Those who knew Robby always talked about his eyes, and the beautiful, vibrant shade of blue that sparkled every day.

–Robby’s favorite color was blue; and so the blue shading shall be carried forward.

–The outline of the blue surrounding the letter “V” in voice combines to make the Roman Number IV. Robby was the fourth generation Robert John, a moniker he wore with pride.